Grants . . . .


The HAMLET Grant is awarded to help with housing or transport costs.

This Grant is for £1000 and is awarded to cover the costs of transporting dogs in the UK or abroad or for anything required to help in the housing and bedding of dogs whilst in the care of the Charity.

(Hamlet was a stray Great Dane from London. He was found with an enormously heavy padlock and chain around his neck which had to be removed with a hacksaw. He had been starved and thrown scraps and never got used to the fact that he didnít have to jump in the air for his food. Hamlet stayed with GDAS for life due to his issues around food guarding, and he was a truly wonderful dog).

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The MOLLY Grant is for £1000 and is awarded to help with medical costs or surgery and must be allocated to a named animal. This could be used to pay for an operation or towards ongoing costs of a particular dog who is need of medical help.

(Molly was a Great Dane who arrived at GDAS in a state of collapse with her owner who had been told that the dog was dying of renal failure. In fact Molly had Addissons disease, and after weeks of nursing care she regained her strength and stayed on as a house dog at GDAS receiving daily medication, where she lived out the rest of her days very happily).

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The EDITH Grant is for £1000 and is awarded to help pay for vaccinations for dogs who are in the care of the Charity.

(Edith was a Great Dane, who we collected from her home where she was in a state of complete collapse and barely breathing. On immediate arrival at the vets we were told she had Parvo Virus and told she should be put to sleep. We took Edith home on an IVI and medication and after 12 weeks of very serious barrier nursing Edith was a different dog. She went on to live with our Treasurer and family and lived a long and wonderful life).

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